Arab gastronomy

If you are looking for an Arab gastronomy restaurant, Beytna is your place. This restaurant in the Spanish capital has the best dishes that evoke Jordanian culture. Top quality ingredients that give even better flavor to typical Arab dishes.

Arab gastronomy is a cuisine characterized by having unique flavors and smells that are easy to recognize. It is made up of the cuisines of the Arab countries.

What characterizes this gastronomy is the exotic mix of all the flavors of its countries that is achieved by spices and condiments. Despite being made up of different cuisines, they have common features such as the use of lamb, turmeric, olive oil …

Did you know that Jordan produces 23,000 tons of oil a year, for consumption and export to Arab countries? Hence, it has a great weight in the preparation of its dishes.

The diversity of olive trees and the variety in the climate make Jordanian olive oil have a unique flavor and characteristics. This country has an average annual production of 151,000 tons of olives.

Beytna is a Jordanian food restaurant, characterized by unique flavors and aromas that make it possible for you to transport yourself to the Middle East from the Spanish capital. In addition, with a first class service they will make you feel at home.

Hence its name “Beytna” means our home in Arabic. They want their restaurant to be a meeting place for families and friends who eat around a table with top quality food.

Our dishes are characterized by following traditional recipes, those that remind us of grandma’s cooking. In addition, we have a charcoal grill in which typical Arab meats such as lamb, chicken … are cooked that give a wonderful flavor.

However, it is also used for fish such as our grilled marinated sea bass dishes served with green pepper sauce and tartar sauce or tiger prawn.

But if you are looking for more unique and spectacular flavors, we invite you to try our desserts that will give a sweet touch to a perfect meal. The vast majority of them have pistachio and sweet orange syrup that are completely reminiscent of Arab gastronomy.

We invite you to try Jordanian food in Madrid at Restaurante Beytna.