Arab Restaurant in Madrid: Coffee

The coffee ritual is one of the most important daily ceremonies for Bedouins. In these communities, a family is in charge of preparing it daily and offering it to the rest of the community.

This daily task begins with roasting the beans in a pan. Once roasted, the beans are ground. The ground coffee is put with water in the fire and boiled, then add cardamom, which gives it a special flavor.

Once ready, the other Bedouins in the community are notified that they are preparing and that they are all invited.

To take it, the host gets up and serves it in a few cups. No matter how many people have waited to drink, there are only a maximum of three cups for everyone.

Bedouin coffee must be very hot, if it is not an offense to guests.

Once finished, the guests return the empty cup to the host, which means they want more, so another cup will be served. Likewise, who does not want more, should shake the cup from side to side.

In Beytna we have the best Arab coffee in Madrid, so if you want to enjoy this delight, come and meet us.


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Beytna is also a meeting place for families and friends. It’s a place that opens its doors to its guests with the sweet aromas of jasmine and roses, where the olive tree reaches out to the pomegranate tree to salute diners while they listen to the soft sound of water caressing three ancient jars… and just when it can’t get any better… the smell of freshly baked bread fills the air from our unique traditional wood oven… the smell of a mother’s house…fresh bread and boiling coffee… Arabic spices and charcoal grilling… and our guest arrives home.