Arab restaurant

Beytna is an Arab restaurant located in the Spanish capital. We are known for bringing you closer to the Arab gastronomy and making you feel at home. With top quality ingredients and a warm and friendly atmosphere, in our restaurant you will be at home.

We want our food to accompany a table full of good friends, family, memories … because this way, in Beytna you will have an unforgettable experience.

With artisan dishes, with a kitchen full of aromas, textures, colors that evoke that of grandmother, traditional. They have the popular ingredients of Arab gastronomy.

Our Arab restaurant

In most of the dishes we use spices that are typical of Arab cuisine such as sumac, the Tahini sauce that is a sesame sauce. Nuts are also of great importance, pistachios are widely used in desserts and walnuts are more widely used in first courses.

In Beytna we have a wood oven that gives the elaborations a unique touch, for example our lamb neck dish with potatoes is delicious.

Not only do we have meat, we also cook fish and some of our recipes use the wood oven, which makes the fish still taste much more powerful and spectacular.

Desserts give the sweet and final touch to a good meal, hence you can choose from a wide variety. All of them have that Arabian touch, whether for the dried fruit, the sweet orange blossom syrup …

Apart from having dishes with top quality flavors and ingredients, Beytna also stands out for having a magnificent terrace, which now with the arrival of spring will be seen in its maximum splendor.

Decorated in the simplest and most elegant way possible, it will make your outdoor meals an unforgettable experience.

If you are looking to feel at home tasting the best Arab food, Beytna, Arab restaurant is the most suitable option.