Arabic restaurant in Madrid to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Are you thinking of surprising your partner this year on Valentine’s Day? A good Arabic meal may be the best option. In Beytna, an Arab restaurant in Madrid, we have prepared a special menu for the most romantic day of the year.

So, with a gastronomic proposal consisting of salad, hot and cold starters, a copious and different main course, dessert and drink, your partner can taste the fabulous Arabic food.

You can see and download our Valentine’s menu here.

Valentine’s day or love day comes from a celebration of ancient Rome. In 496, Pope Gelasius I established February 14 as Valentine’s Day. But who was Valentine?

Almost everyone knows that February 14 is Valentine’s Day, but what is unknown is why this day is celebrated. The story is somewhat doubtful since there are several versions, some place their origin in the kingdom of Claudius III when Roman soldiers could not marry, since the emperor believed that single men performed better on the battlefield. At this time, a religious named Valentin starred in an episode of rebellion by secretly marrying many couples. For this reason, he was jailed.

However, there are other stories that say that Valentine was imprisoned for being a Christian and refusing to worship the Roman gods. Being a very good person and loved by everyone, many went to visit him in prison and threw letters and messages of love through the bars.

It can be interpreted that from that story that custom arises today to exchange messages or love letters on this special day.

In Spain the most typical to celebrate this date is to make an original gift to the couple. Thus, on Valentine’s Day, couples often go out to dinner or eat at restaurants.

In Beytna Restaurant we propose a perfect menu to celebrate love. Book your table.