Beytna Restaurant in Telemadrid

The most successful program of Telemadrid and one of the standards of the Madrid chain “Madrid Directo” has visited, on the occasion of Christmas, Beytna Restaurant, the first Jordanian restaurant in Madrid.

The program wanted to know first hand the delicious Jordanian food. Thus, during the television space, the wide gastronomic variety with which the Jordanians celebrate these festivities has been highlighted.

Next to a table full of the most popular and elaborate Jordanian dishes, which are served from Arabic entrees, salads and vegetables to fish, lamb and chicken and seafood, the Telemadrid program gives a good account of all the flavors of Jordan .

Beytna Restaurant offers different Christmas menus of more than 20 dishes and from 78 euros.

Jordanian Christmas is celebrated in a family and festive atmosphere. Music is very important in these celebrations, so Beytna Restaurant holds different concerts these days to liven up your meals.

Here you can watch the full video of the program at:

If you want to try authentic Jordanian cuisine in Madrid this Christmas, book your table at Beytna Restaurant.

Beytna is conceived as a place to enjoy authentic Jordanian food, full of fresh ingredients, full of flavor and with traditional recipes that will surprise the most demanding palates.

This is a healthy meal. Vegetables are very present in different dishes and meat, chicken, lamb or veal, never pork, is treated before being cooked to eliminate fat and nerves.

The Arabic cuisine is a highly flavored, very aromatic cuisine, because to flavor the dishes use spices and herbs such as rosemary, basil, parsley or coriander.