Curiosities of the Arab culture

Curiosities of the Arab culture. As its name suggests, the Arabs come from the Arabian peninsula and other nearby territories.

It was not until the 7th century when the peninsula had some strength and importance of its own because previously it was seen as a crossing point for routes that came from different places, trading mainly with spices and silks.

At the beginning the Arabs were divided into groups, tribes with their own beliefs, customs … but with the passage of time they grouped together and formed a single religion, Islam that praised Muhammad.

The Arabs have contributed, with great importance, to today’s society with their many inventions such as paper, gunpowder or the compass, in addition to sciences such as geography, medicine … However, the Arab culture has certain curiosities that may surprise us, such as the great variety and richness of its language.

It is the fifth most spoken in the world and has a large vocabulary, however, something that affects us more closely is the great influence it has had in Spanish since many of our terms come from Arabic.

It is a very educated society, they are very courteous and this is seen in that they greet both people they know and those who do not. Something that has to do with gastronomy is their table manners.

They do not hold food with their left hand since they do not see it as a sign of bad education. You will not see them eating food that is far from them at the table, they have to eat the one closest to them so that all diners eat the same.