Father’s Day

Father’s Day. This year there are no excuses! On March 19, Father’s Day is celebrated, the reason for this date in our country is due to the interest of coinciding with the feast of St. Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.

Although this holiday arose in the United States in 1910, when Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by the Mother’s Day sermon, decided to honor her father who had raised her and her siblings only because of the death of his wife.

The third Sunday of June is celebrated in the United States and the list of countries that prefer to mark this date as Father’s Day is long. It is made up of countries from Latin America as well as from Europe, and from the Middle East like Jordan.

At Restaurante Beytna we want to celebrate this day with all parents. We have several novelties to make this celebration a magnificent day, one of them is the chef’s recommended dish: lamb neck with wood-fired potatoes.

But, this is not all, there will also be a 15% discount on the final price of the table.

Come to Beytna Restaurant on Thursday, March 19 and enjoy with your family around a large table. Book your table!