Lebanese cuisine in Madrid

Lebanese cuisine in Madrid. Lebanese cuisine is one of the tastiest cuisines in the world, fusing Mediterranean flavors with those of the Middle East. The lamb is the star meat and the gastronomic ritual that encompasses the main dishes is called Mezza.

In the Mezza meet all the typical dishes, whether cold or hot, sometimes reaching up to 80 different. Thus, in every Lebanese table we find Tabbouleh, chopped parsley salad with tomato, lemon, fresh mint, onion and Bulgur; Yalanji, grape leaf rolls stuffed with rice and chopped vegetables cooked slowly with olive oil; and Mutabbal, cream of eggplant smoked with Tahini (sesame sauce) and garlic.

Also, hummus, chickpea cream with Tahini (sesame sauce) and garlic garnished with lemon and extra virgin olive oil, is one of the most international dishes.

As a main course you can not miss the lamb. In Beytna Restaurant, it is cooked slowly in a wood oven for 4 hours.

After a delicious meal, nothing better than a good dessert. Nuts play an important role, as do puff pastry and syrup.

As for drinks, the famous Arak stands out, an anise resulting from the distillation of grapes and typical of the countries of the Middle East.

If you want to enjoy Lebanese cuisine in Madrid, come and meet us. Reserve at Beytna.