Lebanese restaurant in Madrid

Lebanese restaurant in Madrid. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, yogurt and defatted meats. Lebanese cuisine is characterized by the abundance of fresh ingredients in dishes full of flavor and very healthy, low fat, colorful and very exotic. As in all Arab culture, food is a symbol of privacy and union. In Beytna, we have different examples of Lebanese dishes in our menu.

Thus, in Beytna and in any Lebanese table worth its salt, diners gather at the table to taste a “mezze” in the first instance. More than a few dishes, it is an ancient way of eating. It is known as Mezze a selection of snacks or small plates that are served before the main meal.

In Beytna, Lebanese restaurant in Madrid, among these appetizers that make up a mezze you can not miss the Hummus or chickpea cream with Tahini (sesame sauce): the Tabbouleh or chopped parsley salad with tomato, lemon, fresh mint, onion and Bulgur ; or the Fatoosh or mixed salad with toasted pita bread and sumac.

As for meats, a food present in all Lebanese tables is the fried Kubbeh or meat croquettes and Bulgur with onion and pine nuts. This food, which resembles a meatball, is very common in Arabic food and one of the most traditional Lebanese food dishes.

Similarly, as a last example of Lebanese delight, in Beytna we serve the Maklouba or roast chicken with eggplants, cooked with Basmati rice. This dish is usually eaten on Fridays and, in Lebanon, is usually eaten with yogurt sauce.

If you want to enjoy Lebanese food in Madrid, we invite you to visit our restaurant. Book your table at Beytna.