Paul & Fils, the french wine brand comes to Beytna

A new diner comes to Beytna to stay, his name is Paul & Fils, a French wine brand, to be more exact from French Provence, near the Riviera.

It is not a wine brand like any other, they have been doing it generation after generation with passion, sentiment and respect for raw materials, and its production area has been famous for producing, for more than 2,600 years, one of the best rosé wines in the world. world.

They are characterized by using the Garnacha grape, perfect to give the wine those flavors and aromas very well combined that make them fine and delicate on the palate. What makes your rosé wine perfect and unique are the different combinations of grapes since 70% of the quality of a wine comes from them. The cultivation process is also very important: they are harvested at the beginning of September at night at low temperatures.

The grapes grow with sustainable farming methods giving the plant only what they need at the right time and thanks to this they have the label of Great environmental value. This label is the result of all the effort made by workers to protect our environment.

Both the grape and the harvest season are essential in order to give the wine the flavor that makes it so special, that fruity, floral flavor with certain nuances of cherry and blackberry. For all this, we are proud to present this brand and its collaboration with us and our diners.

Restaurante Beytna is the only establishment in the entire country where it will be served. If you are a wine lover, you have to try Paul & Fils.