Travelers with B-Beytna restaurant

Who has not wanted to travel the world? For many it is impossible and the closest we are to exotic countries is thanks to television programs.

Travelers con B, is a program that travels the world traveling through beautiful places like Jordan. But these trips are not done alone, they usually have star guests who make the trip an even better experience.

On one of these trips they went to Jordan with the actress, presenter and comedian, Silvia Abril. There they visited the most characteristic areas of the country, ate and enjoyed the indigenous culture.


It was for this reason, because of the great experience they lived in Jordan, that they decided to visit in our country the restaurants that reminded them of Jordanian gastronomy.

Hence they came to Beytna Restaurant, we are the best Jordanian restaurant in Madrid. Here they tasted typical Jordanian dishes that completely reminded them of their trip with Silvia Abril.


To see the full program, you can see it here: